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  • WINE YOUNG RED CRIALD.O./Zona: Bajo Aragon, Comarca del Matarraña Type of Wine: Red Wine Variety: Garnacha, Tempranillo, Syrah. Alcohol content: 13,5% Vol. Service temperature: 12-16 ºC Elaboration: After rigorous quality controls of the grapes in our Garnacha and Syrah plots, as well as those made in the winery, they made the wine elaborated with the grape items best adapted to our product. Grapes of high quality from the towns of Lledó and Cretas. Once in the winery, we proceeded to extract the rapa and break the grain. It was put in stainless steel vats, and in them the alcoholic fermentation was carried out, this took place at a controlled temperature (23º-25º). Tasting Notes: It has a cherry color with...

    4,55 €
  • VERMOUTH LA MAGALLONERA 75CL.DO. / Zone: Aragón, Spain Type of wine: Herbal maceration Alcohol content: 15% Vol. Service Temperature: 7ºC The vermouth is a very old liquor of Italian origin, this liquor is made with a complex process of maceration of different herbs that are coriander, clove, wormwood and ginger. The vermouth is a very aromatic liqueur and its smell reminds us of the herbs used for its maceration. Its flavor maintains a balance between sweetness and bitterness. Its very cold consumption is recommended, accompanied by ice and a slice of orange      Recommended as an appetizer       Unit price

    5,50 €
  • MUSCATEL LA MAGALLONERA 75CL.DO. / Zone: Aragón, Spain Type of wine: Liquor Wine Variety: Muscat Alcohol content: 15% Vol. Service Temperature: 7ºC Tasting Notes: Lemon yellow with amber reflections. Olfactory of the best: honey, orange blossom, some citrus without leaving aside the evident alcoholic bouquet of the dessert wine. Very aromatic Sweet and ethyl entrance that "mouths" the mouth with pleasure, a development reminiscent of nuts (almond) and a touch of bitter orange. Sip by sip lemon is discovered as an ally of this delight. Final shorter than long culminated with a slight final astringency to give category and roundness to this Muscatel.      Recommended as an aperitif or after dinner accompanying...

    5,50 €
  • RUBERTE PINK WINE GARNACHA SELECTION 2017DO. / Area: Campo de Borja, Spain Type of wine: Pink Wine Variety: Garnacha 100% Alcohol content: 13% Vol. Service Temperature: 12ºC Elaboration: Its freshness and its youth make the Garnacha variety in a traditional fermentation, it has known how to find the flavor necessary to enjoy a pleasure to discover, the young impulse of the third generation of Ruberte and the illusion that they put to elaborate new wines. shows with this Rosado Garnacha in which you can appreciate the mix between innovation and tradition. Tasting Notes: Pink, cherry not very ripe. It is an explosion of fruit, wild fruits and a sweet sensation. Soft, has a good acidity, rich in floral nuances....

    5,95 €
  • RUBERTE WHITE SELECTION 75CL.DO. / Area: Campo de Borja, Spain Type of wine: White Variety: Moscatel de Alejandría the big grain 100% Alcohol content: 13% Vol. Service Temperature: 5ºC Elaboration: The impulse of the third generation of Ruberte offers us a young wine raised at the feet of the Moncayo, made with grapes of the Muscat of Alexandria variety of 100% Grano Gordo, the harvesting is done manually. Tasting Notes: Green and golden sparkles, elegant and fresh aromas of fruits and flowers, friendly and long end of mouth Awards: Bacchus de Oro 2016 / To the best winery 2017 by the Royal Aragonese Academy of Gastronomy      Recommended with seafood, fish, rice and pasta        Unit price

    5,95 €
  • Red Wine Crial Lledó CrianzaD.O./Zona: Bajo Aragon, Comarca del Matarraña Type of Wine: Red Wine Crianza Variety: 50% Garnacha, 25% Syrah and 25% Cabernet Alcohol content: 14% Vol. Service temperature: 16-18 ºC Elaboration: Broth made with grapes of the Cabernet Sauvignon variety from our plots located in Lledó. The grapes entered the winery at its best point of maturity after a rigorous selection made in the field. The fermentation occurred with a temperature around 28 / 30ºC. During this, the appropriate lifts were made to obtain an appropriate broth for barrel aging and subsequent aging in the bottle. Tasting Notes: It has a clean and bright ruby ​​red color. Highlights include elegant aromas of red fruit,...

    6,10 €
  • TORUBIO RED WINED.O./Zona: Bajo Aragon, Comarca del Matarraña Type of Wine: Red Wine Variety: 50% Garnacha 50% Merlot. Alcohol content: 14,5% Vol. Service temperature: 15 ºC Elaboration: It is produced by means of a separate fermentation of its two varietals, Garnacha and Merlot, with a final assembly after 5 months in a steel deposit. Tasting Notes: It is a cherry red wine with violet reflections. Striking and powerful nose, with a predominance of sweet notes, cream caramel and licorice. Fresh mouth and long finish. Recommended with duck or mountain rices, red veal meat or wild boar. Recommended dishes beef tail, ternasco de Aragón or just some foie toasts.       Unit Price

    6,20 €
  • WINE NATURALIS MER NEGRE ROURED.O./Zona: Terra Alta Type of Wine: Organic Red wine Variety: Red Garnacha and Cabernet Sauvignon. Alcohol content: 14,5% Vol. Service temperature: 12-16 ºC Elaboration: Grapes selected from the best organic vineyards. The grape cluster is destemmed, crushed and fermented in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperature with native yeasts and with the minimum intervention, only daily overruns until the end of the alcoholic fermentation. After this, the wine is bled by gravity to cement vats where the malolactic fermentation will start without the addition of lactic acid bacteria. Once finished, it passes to 300l French oak vats where it will remain for 3 months until bottled....

    6,95 €
  • HERBAl LIQUEUR WITH SAFFRON Formats 0.20l / 0.50l. The Saffron liquor is made by macerating herbs with digestive and aromatic principles Low grade liqueur (23º) with a very intense citrus and sweet taste The golden color is obtained naturally by the saffron It must be cold and can be taken with ice Keep in refrigerator, not in freezer because it can freeze when it is low grade Perfect for a table and complement some kind of candyUnit Price

    8,35 €
  • WINE CLOTETA GARNACHA INDIGENAD.O./Zona: Bajo Aragon, Comarca del Matarraña Type of Wine: Red Wine Variety: 100% Hairy Grenache Alcohol content: 14,5% Vol. Service temperature: 15 ºC Elaboration: Fermentation at controlled temperature in stainless steel tanks and subsequent aging for 4 months in American and French oak barrels of 300 L. Clarification with proteins of vegetable origin. Tasting Notes: It presents a cherry red color with violet rim, being intense on the nose and highlighting the aromas of red fruits interspersed with spices and subtle toasted. The palate is tasty, balanced and with a long aftertaste. Recommended for red meats.       Unit Price

    8,40 €
  • Wine TRESOR 2015D.O./Zona: Campo de Borja, Spain Type of Wine: Red Wine Crianza Variety: 100% Garnacha Alcohol content: 15% Vol. Service temperature: 18 ºC Elaboration: The vinification process is done in an open tank using cold maceration techniques for 48 hours. The alcoholic fermentation is carried out very slowly to achieve greater fruit aromas, very typical of this grape variety. Made with a selection of Garnachas from vineyards over 10 years old, aged for 8 months in Oak Barrels Tasting Notes: Intense cherry red color, violet rim, medium / high layer, ripe red fruit, with spicy and balsamic notes, silky on the palate, round and has good acidity Awards: To the best winery 2017 by the Royal Aragonese...

    8,85 €
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  • SAFFRON AND GOLD LIQUOR Formats 20cl / 50cl. Liquor made by macerating various herbs with digestive and aromatic principles It is recommended to take it cold Low-grade liqueur (23º) with intense flavor , sweet and citrus notes at the same time If you are looking for a spice gift and different is a perfect product Gold gives it a presence, liqueur, worthy of great occasions The golden color of the liquor is obtained by adding the best saffronUnit Price

    9,85 €
Showing 1 - 12 of 16 items


The vine has been extended thanks to its adaptive characteristics, has required few genetic changes to adapt to its cultivation in different areas, has low water and mineral requirements, grows on lands where other fruit trees would not grow , thanks to its regenerative capacity allows an intensive collection.

This adaptability was one of the keys to its expansion throughout Europe, as well as in most of the temperate climates of the earth. One of the greatest changes suffered by the vine was when, in antiquity, it was converted by artificial selection from a "wild" to a "domesticated" variety (hermaphrodite), the reasons for this change are unknown at present. Soon it was possible to verify that the wine was the sum of a set of environmental factors: climate, latitude, height, hours of light, etc.

Many of the great cultures of the Mediterranean as well as the Middle East claim to have invented themselves the winemaking process attributing their discovery to a local hero or an agrarian divinity. But the fact is that the trade and the expansion of some cultures and empires has caused the wine and its cultivation to spread to different regions of the Earth, adopting new flavors and aromas. Wine (like other basic foods) appears in the culture loaded with symbolism. The adaptive capacity of the grape to different climates and soils, its high yield, is the only fruit that retains in its interior quantities of an unusual acid called tartaric that favors the action of the yeasts. It can be said that at present the grape is the most collected fruit worldwide, with 70% of it dedicated to the production of wine.

Wine D.O. Cariñena

The Cariñena wine Designation of Origin is a wine that is produced in the Comarca del Campo de Cariñena , in the Province of Zaragoza 

The location of the vineyards, especially those that are higher , which are in very stony ground , give some unique characteristics to these Aragon wines.

For this reason it calls itself the Wine of the Stones It is also, together with that of Jerez, the > Spain's oldest Denomination of Origin as far as wine is concerned (1,933).

The terrain is composed of stony, alluvial, siliceous soils with little salt, loose and permeable.

Wine D.O. Campo de Borja

The D.O. Campo de Borja treasures among its authentic jewels where the "Garnacha" variety reaches its full splendor. Monovarietal red wines that are enjoying a wide prestige around the world for its very defined personality, quality and complexity that make them something unique in the world .

Wine D.O. Somontano

The Denomination of Origin Somontano is based in the province of Huesca , was created in 1984, has an extension of 4,400 hectares, about 35 wineries and 450 wine growers , the climate is of continental origin sheltered by the wall that exerts the Aragonese Pyrenees, the soil contains sandstone and clay, as well as limestone and alluvial material. The wines of this D.O. They present very peculiar characteristics, are very good alcoholic, fruity and with a well-fitted acidity , are very current taste and with the Garnacha as the main attraction, the white foreign varieties also adapt exceptionally to the ground

Wine D.O.Calatayud

The Denomination of Origin Calatayud is based in the province of Zaragoza, was established in 1990, with an area of ​​8,000 hectares of vineyard and about 1,050 wine growers, its vineyards enjoy an average altitude of 550 -800 meters, the texture of its soils are composed of gravel, red slate, gray slate and marl and its climate is characterized by the continentality of the area. The wines of this D.O. they focus on the Garnacha red variety and its opulent, red wines, fleshy, full of fruit and warmth, worth noting the mention "Calatayud superior", where we will find unique wines from vineyards over 50 years old, and that minimum they should carry 85% of the Garnacha variety in its varietal composition.