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Saffron from Jiloca

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  • Saffron bulbs

    Saffron bulbs crocus sativus from ecologically grown field, differents calibers selected by hand 

    The saffron bulbs is a season products for this reason we open a reservation period in January."You can do the shopping but only the product will be sent from June. The conditions will be to end of season  or while supplies last .From october to april it can't be acquire possible bulbs due to it is necessary  who are cultivated for his development

    If you wish acquire saffron bulbs for your own production or give a touch of color a your garden , in this section we offer bulbs of Teruel. La season for  that you can acquirir healthy bulbs is understood  between june to september, the last time to cultive bulbs should be in September due to in october or November is the flowering season. In the  bulbs package is incluided explicactions of the characteristics from this type of cultive so that they take into account what should be done since it is a type of plant quite particular.

    The bulbs are supplied by Azafranes Jiloca, company that produces them in Monreal del Campo "Teruel" under the ecological certification, free of any chemical that can diminish the flowering capacity of the bulb, they are bulbs that are extracted from the earth and cleaned by hand to avoid blows and to make a perfect selection to guarantee the quality of the bulbs we sell on the web.

  • Superior saffron


    It is new, for this reason it maintains the organoleptic potential (flawor, color and aroma) in the maximun exponent

    Awarded for quality in the Superior Taste Award with Outstanding qualification.

    The potential of this saffron gives it a very high yield, if it is used well with a gram you can make a stew for 50 people.

    It comes from cultivation fields without the eco certification, but the obtaining processes are traditional and taking care of the flower so that it arrives fresh at the table where the debris is made "monda" manually to obtain the saffron in the most careful way and that after roasting has a superior quality.

    The toasting of saffron is one of the most delicate tasks of the whole process to follow to obtain the saffron, for this reason it is carried out by craftsmen with a lot of experience in the work and to obtain a saffron of the highest quality.

    Before the packaging is selected and cleaned to remove any possible floral remains that may have, the packaging is made by Azafranes Jiloca that since 1993 supplies a saffron of internationally recognized quality.

  • Saffron select

    Saffron selected from traditional cultivation, made by artisan

    The saffron is the saffron that does not correspond to the last year's harvest, the saffron has a very long shelf life maintaining a very high quality, its organoleptic parameters decrease with respect to the new saffron but has the advantage that it offers a quality more than acceptable at a more affordable price.

    The selected saffron is cultivated in a traditional way, as well as the work done to obtain the stigmas of each flower, they are made manually so that the threads have a good quality, it is packed under the seal of Artesanía Alimentaria de Aragón and within the ISO international standard. The yield of this type of saffron is 30 individual servings per gram of spice.

    You can buy saffron in different formats, whether in glass jars, methacrylate boxes or metallic tin, in all formats it will keep very well in time, it is advisable to keep away from sunlight and humidity

  • Ecological saffron


    It is of last harvest and for this reason it maintains all organoleptic qualities in its maximum potential "Taste, color and aroma" 

    Awarded in the Superior Taste Award with Outstanding qualification.

    The cultivation of Ecological Saffron is carried out in Monreal del Campo (Teruel - Spain), always with bulb from ecological agricultural crops and without using any type of fertilizer or chemical herbicide guaranteeing the consumer to be free of substances harmful to their health.

    The collection, cleaning and roasting of this saffron is done maintaining the tradition and artisan way, using the sieves and a soft heat source, always made by a craftsman with a lot of experience in the work to guarantee the best quality of the spice.

  • Made with saffron

    Gourmet products made with saffron of the best quality, food innovation at your fingertips

    Saffron is a very versatile spice that can be used with the majority of processed food providing them with a unique and special character, currently, the company Azafranes Jiloca, under the brand name "Mont Regal" is elaborating in collaboration with expert artisans innovative gourmet products that They are perfect for a special moment or to make a gift that is sure to be much appreciated.

    The cultivation of saffron is the origin of a wonderful spice that gives much more than being able to make a paella.

    The variety is extraordinary and the buquet of the products surprising.

    The liquor with saffron has digestive properties and is very different from the usual, low grade and with intense flavor, the liquor with saffron and gold is perfect to treat yourself to gourmet or make a surprising gift.

    The chocolate with saffron is made with a cocoa of first quality, is very thin and melts in the mouth.

    The Fetuccini with saffron is an artisan pasta that once cooked is left with a texture that assimilates freshly made pasta.

    The saffron sheep cheese is semi-cured with an intense flavor and creamy texture.

    The extra virgin olive oil with saffron comes from the arbequina olive with so much tradition in the Aragonese culture and to fix a salad or prepare a toast is a first class product.

    The sausage with saffron is the sausage that all life has been made in the village, homemade and with a flavor of the before, intense and that leaves wanting to take another bite. It is a product made with the craft stamp.

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  • Bulbs are shipped from June Organic Saffron Bulbs Crocus Sativus Produced in fields certified by the CAAE Fields located in Monreal del Campo - Teruel Diameter greater than 2.35ctm Autochthonous of the Jiloca Region Cultivation of saffron traditional in Monreal del Campo Removal and cleaning by hand, ready to be planted Planted between June and September They are not grilled, they are selected and all are healthyPrice Lot

    15,25 €
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  • GLASS JAR NEW SAFFRON OF THE YEAR "SUPERIOR" Formats 0.25 / 0.50 / 1 / 1.5 / 2 / 3 / 5 / 8 / 10gr. Special delivery for 5 / 8 / 10gr. Slow Food Baluarte Gastronomic properties: Color, flavor and aroma Performance x 1gr: 50 individual portions Alimentary Crafts of Aragon Healthy Properties: Vision, Digestive, etc. Saffron of last harvest , Cat. Superior International Quality Award Superior Taste Award, Outstanding rating Presented in Glass canister Uses: Can be used in all kinds of stews: sauces, rice dishes, soups, stews, desserts, etc. Gold Star of Professional Excellence Saffron of Great QualityUnit Price

    3,30 €
  • SELECT SAFFRON METALLIC SPICE Formats 5 / 8 / 10gr. Special delivery formats 8 / 10gr Saffron from previous harvests Gastronomic properties, flavor, color and aroma Serves for all types of stews, soups, rices, sauces, desserts, etc. Packaging with a seal of differentiated quality Artesania alimentación de Aragón Saffron from Jiloca category 1, ISO 3632 In 2004 the Jiloca saffron was named Slow Food Baluarte Gold Star to Professional Excellence Performance x 1gr: 30 individual servings The saffron from Teruel has very beneficial properties for health Fortifies the heart and has digestive properties among others Presented in Metal spice with window very nice and you can recycle It is advisable to add it well...

    18,90 €
  • ORGANIC SAFFRON IN BOX Formats 0.25 / 0.50 / 1gr Packaged under the seal of Differentiated quality Food Handicrafts Saffron of Excellent Quality Ecological saffron certified by CAAE , last harvest, Cat. Superior Since 2004 Slow Food Gastronomic Properties: Flavor, Color and Aroma Gold Star to Professional Excellence Quality Award "Superior Taste Award" rating Outstanding Yield per gram: 50 individual servings Uses of Saffron : It is a very versatile flavor enhancer, it is suitable for all types of stews , whether they are meat or fish , rice or desserts .Unit Price

    3,15 €
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The saffron from Jiloca is located in terms of quality among the best crocuses in the world, analytically it is the most complete bread that exists given its high levels of Crocina Flavoring power), Pirocrocin (Coloring power) and Safranal (aromatic power), it is also worth noting its high performance to be able to use a gram for 60 individual servings.

The reason why the saffron from Jiloca gives such high parameters is due to its artisan elaboration in the three most important steps to obtain it:

- Collecting the flower

o The collection is done early in the morning, when the flower is still closed (cocooned) and the briznes still retain all the freshness and therefore will be noticed at the time of roasting. If the flower opens, the briznes shrink and land can enter them if the day is rainy.

- Debris of the flower

o The debris is performed manually by people trained to do so, before the constant vigilance of the supervisor the operators must cut the flower by the base and obtain the three pistils together with the minimum corner, in this way you get the whole strand and once the saffron roasted maintains a magnificent presence. It is also important that the remains of flower and tabs are removed with the saffron in green to avoid further handling when cleaning and if it is cleaned once roasted the saffron is broken and its quality decreases.

- Saffron Roasting

o Roasting is the most important part in the process of obtaining a quality saffron, this step always it is done by a person with great experience and supported by its results in previous seasons, it is a job in which we must maintain constant attention to the evolution of toasting, it is done in a very soft source of heat which is placed under the sieve (traditional utensil with silk cloth) and you have to turn the saffron when the craftsman sees fit, the objective is to eliminate all moisture and that the saffron maintains a color that impacts the view, the result has of being a bright red and a completely dry saffron. If the saffron is left with moisture when it finishes drying it only darkens and if it dries too much it can be burned, losing production.

The Saffron of Jiloca has multiple beneficial properties for health among which include the following:

  • Gives a very pleasant soft scent
  • Provides an unmistakable taste (sweet and sour)
  • Red or orange chromatic properties
  • Aphrodisiacs (stimulating erogenous zones )
  • Carminatives  (It favors the expulsion of gas from the digestive)
  • Tonics (Stimulates the appetite)
  • Emenagogue (Relieves menstrual pain)
  • Sedative  (Relieves discomfort of teething of children)
  • Soothes coughs and bronchitis
  • Mitigate colic and insomnia
  • Combats nervous disorders and asthma
  • Fortify the heart
  • Eliminate liver obstructions
  • Reduction of blood cholesterol levels
  • Antioxidant capacity
  • Good wifely in difficult births
  • Potential source of anticancer agents
  • Effect against arteriosclerosis 
  • Brighten the mood
  • Alternative not to use salt

The Saffron of Jiloca is very considered outside our borders, it is currently one of the Slow Food bulwarks , this is an association that has more than 100,000 members spread around the world and is originally from Italy, the parameters that have taken into account to give us the distinctive is the high quality of the product , the scarcity of our type of saffron and that its production does not have any negative impact on the ecosystem.

It also has the stamp of Food Handicraft which guarantees that it is totally artisan and that in every step of its elaboration this care until the minimum detail to obtain the maximum quality.

As of October 2010, the organic production seal will be implemented which is a distinctive and valued in certain markets and is also a guarantee of origin.