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Quality Products

Quality Products 

  • Extra Virgin Oil
  • Canned Pork
  • Cured Sausages
  • Gourmet Spices

    Paprika de la Vera freshly ground, pepper of the last season and dried on oak embers

    The paprika de la Vera is the paprika par excellence, its quality is recognized worldwide and it is used to cook besides to make countless elaborations that we can find in all places.

    In AragĂłn Gourmet you can find the best ground paprika, we make sure that the pepper is of the last harvest and above all that it is freshly ground, this requirement is essential for the paprika to be of the highest quality.

    We have the variety Agridulce, this is a sweet paprika that is obtained by mixing the Ñora and Bellotero, they are two sweet peppers that when making the mixture improve the quality of the normal sweet that only comes from the ñora since the bellhop has less nugget and in the milling, a paprika with a higher degree of purity is produced.

    The spicy paprika comes from the variety Jariza, this is a pepper that "really stings" so with a very small amount you get a great result.

    In addition to the quality of the paprika, because it is from La Vera, it has that smoked touch that is so sought after and that is obtained by drying the pepper on oak coals until it is at the optimum point to be ground.

  • Honey Artisan

    AragĂłn has a privileged flora and climate for beekeeping that promotes a wide variety of plant formations and gives rise to different monofloral honeys: thyme, rosemary, oak and honeys of forest, among others. The elaboration of honey in AragĂłn usually falls to small family businesses that concentrate from the care of the hives to the sale.

    Other derivatives of the hives are also very appreciated for their healthy properties such as pollen or propoleo.

  • Animal pates
  • Vegetable pate

    The vegetable pates are a great novelty and perfectly fits in the new healthy habits in terms of gastronomy at European level, they arise from the idea of doing something different, an artisanal food, without preservatives or additives, vegetable, and only using the best oil of the world, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the passion for cooking, of wanting to do things well. In the search for recipes that are simple, and that know what they are, first quality products, worked by hand, as we would at home, and after seeing the result we can say that the response of the consumers is very positive.

    The vegetable pates are prepared by the company La Conservera del Prepirineo, all the elaborations are ARTISANAL, the workmanship is the most important machine, the ingredients are of first quality and we also take care of their external image. A delight for the most demanding consumers.

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