Baskets Detail


The Detail Baskets that we make at AragonGourmet are the perfect gift, with high-quality products and packed with exquisite taste, the tray is wrapped in transparent cellophane and covered with decorative ties, we take care that the detail is completely finished and we send it where you want.

We can include a dedicated card if you wish, you just have to indicate the text to include in the "order comments" area that you will find in the area of your cart.

The basket is sent packed in a box with spongy padding so that it reaches its destination in perfect condition.

If you want a lot that is different from the ones we have on offer, you can choose the products one by one on the web and, so that we pack it with the decorated basket, in the cart area you can choose the "gift wrap" option, Tell us that you want it with a decorated basket and we will prepare it for you with the greatest care in the world.