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Top sellers

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  • GLASS JAR¬†NEW SAFFRON OF THE YEAR "SUPERIOR" Formats 0.25gr. Slow Food¬†Baluarte Gastronomic properties: Color, flavor and aroma Performance x 1gr: 50¬†individual portions Alimentary Crafts of Aragon Healthy Properties: Vision, Digestive, etc. Saffron of last harvest , Cat. Superior International Quality Award Superior Taste Award, Outstanding rating Presented in Glass canister Uses: Can be used in all kinds of stews: sauces, rice dishes, soups, stews, desserts, etc. Gold Star of Professional Excellence Saffron of Great Quality Unit Price

    3,30 ‚ā¨
  • DEER CHORIZO VACUUM Weight approx: 250gr. Sausage made by hand Typical product of Arag√≥n Prepared with deer meat Unit Price

    3,60 ‚ā¨
  • Metal Can 75gr¬†¬†spicy¬†Paprika of the Vera¬† Made with the milling of variety Jeromin pepper Peppers of the new season Freshly ground paprika Indicated for stewing and meat preparations Coming from Extremadura, province of Caceres Peppers dried on oak embers which gives the smoked touch so particular of this type of paprika Unit Price

    2,50 ‚ā¨
  • PORK FUET Weight approx: 150gr. Sausage made by hand Typical product of Arag√≥n Made with white pork ¬† ¬† Unit Price

    1,85 ‚ā¨
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  • VACUUM DEER SAUSAGE Weight approx: 230gr. Sausage made by hand Typical product of Arag√≥n Made with deer meat ¬† ¬† Unit Price

    3,60 ‚ā¨
  • CASES OF AZAFRAN NEW OF THE YEAR Format 0.25gr Saffron last harvest, Cat. Superior Yield per 1gr: 50¬†individual portions Uses: Can be used in all types of stews, soups, rice, desserts, pastries, etc. Healthy properties: Vision, digestive, etc. International award to the Superior Quality Taste Award rating Outstanding Gold Star for Professional Excellence High quality saffron Alimentary Crafts of Aragon Presented in a methacrylate case Gastronomic properties: Color, taste and aroma Baluarte of Slow Food Unit Price

    2,75 ‚ā¨
  • DEER SAUSAGE Weight approx: 300gr. Sausage made by hand Typical product of Arag√≥n Made with deer meat ¬† ¬† Unit Price

    4,70 ‚ā¨
  • ORGANIC SAFFRON CRUSHED Formats 1 / 2 / 5 / 10 / 15gr. Special delivery for 5 / 10 / 15gr. Saffron crushed is ready to be added without losing time to undo it, with the advantage of being better in time than ground saffron. Since 2004 Baluarte of¬†Slow Food Saffron Ecological certified by CAAE , last harvest, Cat. Superior Uses of saffron : It is a very versatile flavor enhancer, it is suitable for all types of stews , whether they are meat or fish , rice or desserts Yield per gram: 50 individual servings Gastronomic Properties: Taste, Color and Aroma Packed under the seal of Differentiated quality Food Crafts Saffron of excellent quality Gold Star for Professional Excellence Quality Award "Superior...

    8,50 ‚ā¨
  • BRIDLE OF PORK LOIN VACUUM Weight approx: 430gr. Handmade sausage made under the seal of Artesan√≠a alimentaria de Arag√≥n Typical product of Arag√≥n Made with Pork meat of I Category ¬† ¬† Unit Price

    7,95 ‚ā¨
  • SAFFRON BOX SELECTION Formats 0,50gr / 1gr. In 2004 saffron from Azafranes Jiloca was named Baluarte of Slow food Saffron from Teruel Category I, ISO 3632 Packed with the seal of differentiated quality Artesan√≠a Alimentaria de Arag√≥n Fortifies the heart and has digestive properties among others Gold Star to professional excellence Saffron from Jiloca harvested from harvests of previous years Serves for all types of stews, soups, rices, sauces, desserts, etc. Presented in Cardboard box with window Performance x 1gr: 30 individual servings Gastronomic properties: flavor, color and aroma Saffron has very beneficial properties for health Unit Price

    3,00 ‚ā¨
  • Milk Chocolate and Saffron Mount Regal is fully developed through traditional processes in a bakery with a great tradition in the province of Teruel. Saffron is a spice that is well complemented with chocolates because it has a bitter base and is able to significantly improve the flavor of cocoa. Milk and saffron chocolate, like dark chocolate, is made of high quality raw material, in this type of chocolate the touch of saffron is very appreciated, especially in the taste that remains after taking it. Chocolate is good for the blood circulation for the benefit of the arterie Reduces the risk of blood clots Unit price

    3,50 ‚ā¨
Showing 37 - 48 of 100 items