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Top sellers

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  • SAUSAGE WITH BOLETUS Weight approx: 300gr. Sausage made by hand Typical product of AragĂłn Made with deer meat     Unit Price

    4,95 €
  • The fettuccine with saffron is an artisan pasta made with durum wheat semolina Saffron is integrated into the dough itself, enhancing its own flavor Once cooked, the paste acquires a very fine and pleasant texture , more similar to fresh pasta than to hard pasta Perfect pasta to accompany fine sauces, a pesto or a carbonara You can make countless different recipes always with very good results Recommended for 4 servingsUnit Price

    4,00 €
  • AZAFRAN CRUSHED SELECTION Formats of 2gr / 5gr / 10gr / 15gr. Special delivery formats 10 / 15gr Saffron crushed is ready to be added without losing time to undo it, with the advantage of being better in time than ground saffron. Saffron Cat. I - ISO 3632 Fortifies the heart and has digestive properties among others Saffron harvested from previous harvests Since 2004 is Baluarte Slow Food Gastronomic properties: Taste, Color and Aroma Saffron has very beneficial health properties To use it well it is advisable to add it well waste Gold Star to Professional Excellence Serves for all types of stews, soups, rices, sauces, desserts, etc. Presented in Methacrylate case Performance x 1gr: 30 individual servings...

    50,25 €
  • CASES OF AZAFRAN NEW OF THE YEAR Formats 0.50gr Saffron last harvest, Cat. Superior Yield per 1gr: 50 individual portions Uses: Can be used in all types of stews, soups, rice, desserts, pastries, etc. Healthy properties: Vision, digestive, etc. International award to the Superior Quality Taste Award rating Outstanding Gold Star for Professional Excellence High quality saffron Alimentary Crafts of Aragon Presented in a methacrylate case Gastronomic properties: Color, taste and aroma Baluarte of Slow FoodUnit Price

    4,15 €
  • CURED CHORIZO WITH PAPRIKA OF PORK Weight approx: 350gr. Handmade sausage made under the seal of ArtesanĂ­a alimentaria de AragĂłn Typical product of AragĂłn Made with Pork meat of I Category     Unit Price

    3,70 €
  • SAFFRON BOX SELECTION Formats 0,50gr / 1gr. In 2004 saffron from Azafranes Jiloca was named Baluarte of Slow food Saffron from Teruel Category I, ISO 3632 Packed with the seal of differentiated quality ArtesanĂ­a Alimentaria de AragĂłn Fortifies the heart and has digestive properties among others Gold Star to professional excellence Saffron from Jiloca harvested from harvests of previous years Serves for all types of stews, soups, rices, sauces, desserts, etc. Presented in Cardboard box with window Performance x 1gr: 30 individual servings Gastronomic properties: flavor, color and aroma Saffron has very beneficial properties for healthUnit Price

    4,40 €
  • INCENSE CHERRY 20 sticks of 1gr. Qualities: The incense of cherry produces a sweet aroma that stimulates us in a loving way, its effect is málogical for our loving relationships.     Unit Price

    1,95 €
  • MUSCATEL LA MAGALLONERA 75CL.DO. / Zone: AragĂłn, Spain Type of wine: Liquor Wine Variety: Muscat Alcohol content: 15% Vol. Service Temperature: 7ÂşC Tasting Notes: Lemon yellow with amber reflections. Olfactory of the best: honey, orange blossom, some citrus without leaving aside the evident alcoholic bouquet of the dessert wine. Very aromatic Sweet and ethyl entrance that "mouths" the mouth with pleasure, a development reminiscent of nuts (almond) and a touch of bitter orange. Sip by sip lemon is discovered as an ally of this delight. Final shorter than long culminated with a slight final astringency to give category and roundness to this Muscatel.      Recommended as an aperitif or after dinner accompanying...

    5,50 €
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  • CAVA RESERVE BRUT NATURE MONASTERIO DE VERUELAD.O./Zona: AragĂłn, Spain Type of wine: Cava Brut Nature with 18 months of reservation Variety: macabeo, xarello and parcelada. Alcohol content: 11.5% Vol. Service Temperature: 8ÂşC Elaboration: Made with the macabeo, xarello and parcelada varieties, with 18 months of reserve Tasting Notes: It is a high quality cava, very fresh and characterized by its balance thanks to its pleasant acidity, which makes it pass smoothly through the palate, being very easy to drink for all types of audiences. It has fruit aromas reminiscent of apples and pears and other typical pastry and nuts, very elegant, which brings its long aging in the cellar      Recommended with meats, roasts...

    2,60 €
  • INCENSE CAFE 20 sticks of 1gr. Qualities: Stimulating and brings peace of mind. If you like the aromas of m’forecasts in an incense, this is the most you can put in the mágica India, An incense with a deep aroma and &number;nico, which will helpá in your meditations, relaxations, or because you want a scent in your home or business, special, and &number;nico, thanks to its soft aroma and natural.     Unit Price

    1,95 €
  • THIN CURED PORK SAUSAGE Weight approx: 330gr. Handmade sausage made under the seal of ArtesanĂ­a alimentaria de AragĂłn Typical product of AragĂłn Made with Pork meat of I Category     Unit Price

    3,00 €
  • BOLETUS PATE Ingredients: Pleurotus Ostreatus, Boletus Edulis, onion, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, salt and bread crumbs The Boletus pate is a very fine pate that delights mushroom lovers, the pleurotus is used to give body to the pate and the boletus to give an incredible flavor. Net Weight: 115gr. / Expiration: 2 years. No additives or preservatives Store in a cool place after openingUnit Price

    3,50 €
Showing 49 - 60 of 198 items