Teruel black truffle
how to use the truffle
Teruel black truffle
how to use the truffle

Fresh truffle 100gr "Tuber Melanosporum"

Fresh truffle Tuber Melanosporum that comes from the fields of Belotruf

We ship this haute cuisine diamond from December to March, collected the same day the order is received and without breaking the cold chain, it is sent brushed since Belotruf recommends that it be washed just before use.

RESERVATIONS from the month of November, beginning of shipments in December, after booking, in "comments of the order" you can indicate the date you want us to send the truffle.

It is sent in a refrigerated isothermal box and placed in a cotton bag so that the truffle arrives in perfect condition.

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FRESH BLACK TRUFFLE "Tuber Melanosporum"

Conservation: If you have bought or have been given a truffle and you are not going to use it yet, store it in the refrigerator without cleaning (to better preserve its aroma), wrapped in kitchen paper and placed in a cotton bag or a tupperware, if You put it in a tupperware remember to open it from time to time to breathe, if it cannot spoil. In the fridge, if the truffle is freshly picked, it can go unwashed for two weeks.

If you are going to use the truffle and clean it, but you don't use it all, wrap it again with paper and put it in the cotton bag or tupperware.

Don't be surprised if one day you open the fridge and it all smells like truffle, it is recommended to store it on a shelf with a door so that it is more isolated from the rest of the food. Some people take advantage of the aroma it has to put it in a container with eggs and in this way they have truffled eggs that are a pleasure for the senses.

Cleaning: Using a soft bristle brush, put the truffle under the tap with cold water and little by little brush it gently so as not to break it, once clean you just have to dry it with kitchen paper.

Uses: There are many ways to use it as long as it is not cooked at more than 40ºC so that it does not lose flavor and aroma.

          - In oil: Clean and thinly laminate the truffle, put it in a glass jar to marinate with the oil and put it in the fridge, in this way it will keep for a month, it can be used to dress a salad, prepare a toast or create canapes.

          - In Cognac: A whole truffle is macerated in a glass jar with cognac, it can be kept up to 6 months and can be used for roasting in the oven, stews with a bottom, etc.

          - Frozen: The truffle is cleaned and dried well, put in a container and frozen "if it could be vacuum it would be the best", to use it it is scratched on the recipe and the one that remains is frozen again.

          - Fresh: It has to be cleaned when it is going to be used, it is scratched on the recipe to be served and it is kept in the refrigerator.

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