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Noticias blog>How vegetable paté is made?

How vegetable paté is made?

How vegetable paté is made?


Vegetable pates are fashionable, as they would not do if they fit perfectly in the diets of < strong> healthy habits , and is that the staff every day takes more care, is giving great importance to health, we are aware that a moderate and daily exercise has great benefits for our body, we are also aware that there are bad habits that it is better to leave aside such as tobacco, alcohol, etc., we are aware that having a good diet is the most important basis for maintaining good health, of which we know that basically vegetables, vegetables and fruits are a main part of the base of the food pyramid, or what is the same are the foods that usually have to be consumed in greater quantity compared to the rest.

Since consuming prin cipal the vegetables is an absolute truth we are going to try to give alternatives of how they can be consumed without supposing a repetitive and tiresome food that bores us and ends up getting tired by lowering the level of happiness to the point of getting to think that it does not deserve the It is a pain to take care of yourself if you are missing other delicacies that are not so healthy.

The alternative that we deal with in this article are the VEGETAL PATES , they are really surprising and very different to take vegetables and vegetables in a traditional way, a good vegetable paté fits well in any situation and fits in all kinds of variants in the diet, for vegetarians and vegans it opens a New world and for those of us who eat everything too, is a perfect way to eat healthy.

The way to use them is a matter of imagination, you can, simply spread a Add bread and eat it or you can use it to make the most delicious and original skewers and tapas that you can imagine, as well as accompanying other foods can fit perfectly. Vegetable patés can be sweet or salty and can be taken at breakfast, snack, for tea or dinner, it does not matter, they are delicious at any time of the day.

Today you can find many commercial vegetable patés in the market but put to look for a food as healthy as possible we should avoid preservatives, dyes and other added components that do not improve the product, it could be a solution to develop own homemade pates and would be the way of avoiding additives and gain in nutritional values, in Aragon Gourmet we are concerned about offering products taking into account these values, that is why we offer vegetable patés without preservatives or dyes, they are artisans and made as we would in our own house, we have a great variety :

Zucchini pate with walnuts, Pate de Tomates Secos, Pate of green or black olives, Pate of roasted red peppers, Pâté de Pisto, Paté de Boletus and Pat Mushrooms, each with its own personality and verified for quality and health benefits. Many more can be done, it is a question of imagination and the difficulty is not in elaborating them, it is in that they are really rich.

Enjoy the best  vegetable pate   that we have prepared for ti.

By way of example I will explain the recipe for how to make a delicious avocado pate:

The avocado pate is a surprising cream and with which you can surprise family or friends in some kind of celebration, it is a recipe that is very easy to make and that is also very good.



1 Avocado, 50gr of Cream Cheese, 1 Tablespoon of Vinegar, Olive Oil, salt and pepper.


Start by mixing the avocado with the vinegar in a bowl adding a little salt and pepper to intensify the flavor. Advise to use a ripe avocado to make it softer and more tasty. When the mixture is ready add the cream cheese and stir it until it is a creamy texture. To finish, add a splash of olive oil and try in case you have to rectify the point of salt, once corrected, put the refrigerator for a few minutes to cool and the texture becomes more consistent. Ready to enjoy!

As we have said before you can make a multitude of pates to taste of each one, but why not make them according to the benefits that we They contribute each type of vegetable, it is very curious that the vegetables, according to their color, provide some benefits or others, attentive:


ORANGE-YELLOW The vegetables and orange or yellow tones are composed of antioxidants that nourish the skin and protect it, vitamin A compounds are extracted that act as antioxidants, which help counteract the alterations caused by grape rays so they prevent wrinkles and the decay of the skin, in this group we find the carrot, the pumpkin, the grapefruit, the orange, etc. WHITE White vegetables protect against cancer and activate the production of white blood cells, likewise, they are strong antioxidants that help fight infections, strengthen the body's defenses and promote the production of enzymes protective. They also prevent aging, circulatory and skin problems, as well as fevers and infections. In this group there would be the onion, the endives, the cucumber, and the mushrooms, among others. RED - PURPLE The red and purple colors in vegetables help reduce cardiovascular problems, they also help eliminate substances harmful to the body, lower cholesterol, protect DNA and improve blood circulation, too protect against ultraviolet light and sunburn, in this group you can find red beet, red cabbage, red pepper, tomato, strawberries, etc. GREEN

Green indicates magnesium richness that is related to muscle relaxation, so your contribution will avoid cases of unjustified fatigue, cramps or muscle tension, to have the contribution of This component can be found in spinach, broccoli, kiwi, Brussels sprouts, avocado and peas, among others.

As you can see, the vegetable pates are a whole world and can complete any type of Diet providing great health benefits, have special importance in vegetarian and vegan diets in which the lack of contribution of certain nutrients from other foods can be compensated by paying attention to the components of vegetables.

The Vegetarian Gastronomy is the one that excludes the meat and the products derived from animal tissue, in the typical vegetarian diet of the West eggs and dairy products such as milk and cheese are allowed , L The most stringent forms of vegetarianism are veganism and frugivorism, which exclude all animal products, including dairy products and honey, and even some refined sugars that are filtered and banked with charcoal.

Vegetarian foods can be classified into several types:

Traditional foods that have always been vegetarian (cereals, fruits, vegetables, nuts, etc.)

Soy products, including tofu and tempeh, which are common sources of protein

Textured vegetable protein, made from defatted vegetable flour, often included in chili recipes and hamburgers instead of minced meat.

Meat substitutes, which mimic the taste, texture and appearance of meat and are often used in recipes that traditionally contain meat.

Egg and dairy substitutes, used to make creams , shakes and tortillas.


It is the practice that rejects the use and consumption of all products and services of animal origin and is distinguished from vegetarianism because "the vegan" rejects any product of animal origin, including milk, eggs, honey and any product that contains them, the main reasons that lead to the adoption of veganism are:

Ethical : Out of respect for others Animals as sentient beings do not consume any food that comes from them, they also extend this philosophy to all areas of their lives and oppose the use or consumption, for any purpose, of animals or products of animal origin.

Environmental : Plant-based diets are more sustainable than diets rich in animal products, since they use fewer natural resources and have less impact on the environment.

Dietetic : For health benefits they abstain from submerge any type of meat and products of animal origin, the beneficial effects on health are not exclusive of the vegan diet, the Mediterranean diet is also very healthy and vegan diets are at risk of serious nutritional deficiencies that can nullify the benefits for the health they initially offer. It is advisable to have a good planning starting from the current health of anyone who wants to follow any type of diet, it is not advisable to follow a diet because it is fashionable or following advice from inexperienced people in nutrition.

I hope that the post you have liked since we have tried to be quite complete and as you can see the vegetable patés can be a perfect complement to any healthy diet, we strongly recommend that you try the pates that we offer on our website, you will be pleasantly surprised. Have a nice day!