Quail Bites
Quail Bites
Quail Bites
Quail Bites

Quail Bites

Net weight: 350gr

Game meat, cut into four bites, ready to serve and consume.

Its nutritional point stands out due to the richness of proteins it offers.

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Net: 350gr.

Two pickled quail chopped by hand into four bites, obtaining the drumsticks and breasts separately from each one. Perfect, clean and gutted bites ready to plate, serve and enjoy. Exclusively packed in extra virgin olive oil, as it is cooked, without added juices or broths. Product without preservatives or colorants. Cooked over low heat respecting the times and processes of traditional cooking.

Quail meat has a very subtle flavor, it adapts to any combination of ingredients that you want to accompany it. It is characterized by being a meat with an extraordinary quality. It stands out from a nutritional point of view for its richness in good quality proteins, which are also known as proteins of high biological value, due to their high content of essential amino acids. Quail meat is a type of lean or white meat, which means that its content, both fat and ultimately caloric, is really low.

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