Canned Pork


Since always, in winter, the slaughter of the pig supposed an important help for the domestic economy, at least, in the majority of houses of my town, the domestic economy was based on the self-sufficiency. The corral was a key point of supply, rabbits, chickens, eggs of chickens, ducks, turkeys, pigs ... these during the whole year, but the main resource was the slaughter of the pig, it supposed and it is a lot of work but it fills the pantry: morcilla, sausages: sausage, sausage, sausage, sobrasada, loin embuchado, the perniles (pork ham), and of course, preserves .

The preserve is made with the ribs, the loin and the longanizas that we have made with the pork meat, after being in brine and cooked for a few days, it cut and fry. You can also add bay leaves and a garlic head to the oil if you like the touch you give.

Once fried, let cool in a basket and when it is cold, the next day it is put in a jar with oil and it is preserved all year round. Formerly, the family that had no chance of getting the oil, melted the lard of the pig with which they fried the pieces of preserved food. They gave the butter the use of oil.

Traditionally the preserve was beginning to eat in the harvest time . When threshing with the threshing was a really hard work. The men were in the era all day. When it was time for lunch, lunch and snack, the women wearing big-brimmed hats came to the era with the wicker basket and tablecloths where the conserves, potato omelet, fried peppers and white slice

strong> that came out of the whites of the pig; an exquisite meal and for the men who worked hard in the threshing era, piling up the plot and later weaving and refolding the grain and straw, it was the perfect meal.

Today is a luxury dish, for its quality and taste fits for any time you want to give a treat.