Vermouth I.Esvin Rosso 2l

Vermouth I.Esvin Rosso 2l

Quantity: 2l

Made with the maceration of herbs.

Recommended for appetizers.

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  • Vermouth Esvin Rosso 2l.

  • D.O./Zona: Aragon, Spain
  • Type of wine: Herb maceration
  • Degree of alcohol: 14% Vol.
  • Service Temperature: 7ºC
  • vermouth is a very old liquor of Italian origin, this liquor is made with a complex process of maceration of different herbs that are coriander, cloves, absinthe and ginger. Vermouth is a very aromatic liquor that and its smell is reminiscent of the herbs used for its maceration. Its flavor maintains a balance between sweetness and bitterness. It is recommended to eat very cold, accompanied by ice and a slice of orange

Recommended as an aperitif


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