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The Coffe

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The coffee

Coffee is the drink obtained from the roasted and ground grains of the fruits of the coffee plant, it is a very stimulating drink due to the amount of caffeine it provides in the cafe itself.

Coffee is a drink that is usually drunk, mainly, for breakfast and after meals, although it is also used by mid-morning and mid-afternoon, it is one of the most socializing drinks in most countries.

The most popular ways to drink it is alone or with milk, although there are many types of coffee in terms of its preparation, for other forms they are usually added cream, condensed milk, chocolate or some type of alcoholic drink, It usually drinks hot although in summer it is also a pleasure to drink it with ice.

The coffee tree comes from northern Ethiopia, in eastern Africa, the “coffee tree” is probably native to the province of Kaffa, in Ethiopia, but there is no certainty that this is the case for sure, It grows in the high forests of the southwest, from 1300 to 2000 meters of altitude.

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Coffee arrived in Europe around the year 1600 through Venetian merchants, Pope Clement VIII was about to ban coffee, but after tasting it he baptized the surprising drink and declared it was A pity to leave the infidels without that pleasure, both the monks and the Imams accepted the coffee willingly as it allowed them to stay awake for a long time and keep their spirit clean.

The flavors that are usually attributed to the different roast levels are:

Light roast : flavors close to the origin predominate. That is, close to variety and processing. In this type of roast, the coffee can have pronounced acidity, medium sweetness, and low texture. If it is not roasted enough and the bean remains raw inside, the coffee will not have the necessary solubility, therefore flavors of cereals or cardboard could be perceived during a tasting or tasting.

Medium roast : sensory profile balanced between aromas, sweetness and texture. It is the roast that is normally used when tasting to analyze the potential of the coffee. At this level, the coffee achieves the highest intensity of the most important flavors.

Dark roast : a dark roast does not mean that the coffee is burnt or charred. In fact, if the coffee reveals aromas and flavors of ash or charcoal, it is a roasting error. In contrast, a well-roasted dark type reveals chocolatey notes with a pronounced texture and low acidity.

Coffee is an infusion , we can also make infusions of a multitude of plants and fruits, infusions have infinite properties that can be good for our health .

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