Brandy Turbus 1l. - Collection Liquor

Brandy Turbus 1l. - Collection Liquor

Brandy made in "Bodegas y Destilerías Franco"

Origin: Spain - Monreal del Campo (Teruel)

Year of Manufacture: Decade of the 1960s - 1970

Graduation: 37º

Tax included


Pascual Franco de Monreal del Campo's alcoholera was in operation until the eighties of the twentieth century. This distillery had several facilities linked to a large steam boiler. The boiler was used for steam distillation in the rectification column. The factory had other premises in which various presses, alembics and a boiler for cooking syrups were located. It also had another facility where liquor packaging was carried out. It had a capacity of 352,000 liters in its presses in addition to another 350,000 liters in underground tanks.

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