About us

aragonGourmet.com is a store specializing in product from Spain made so craft, taking care of traditional methods and preserving the added value that our fellow artisans endorse.

After several years of work, side by side, together with artisans from all over Aragon we have realized the potential of artisan products put together, not only for the quality they have, but also because they represent teamwork, the tradition of our land, the talent of a few but effort of many, the continuity of generations and of the adaptation to the new times.

Our primary objective is to bring to the users of our website articles of high gastronomic quality and that differ from the rest for their originality and their production processes, in addition to the Aragonese products we will also put your d Produce products from the rest of the world duly tested so as not to lower the standard of quality imposed with artisan products.

José María Plumed and José Ramón Plumed entrepreneurs of the initiative AragonGourmet, will be the they attend to your requests, doubts or complaints giving a totally personal treatment to each user of the web.

José María is the owner of Azafranes Jiloca, a company that has been in the world of the production of Saffron since the year 1993, for this reason we can say that we are fully identified with craftsmanship and obtaining high quality products in the agri-food sector, all the passion put into our beloved saffron for so many years we will pass it on when working with others artisan products personally guaranteeing shipments to achieve total customer satisfaction.

We hope to earn your trust with the quality of our products and the good work of our professionals.