Box organic saffron
Box organic saffron
Box organic saffron

Box organic saffron

Azafranes Jiloca

Ecological Saffron Box 0.25g / 0,50g / 1g

Organic Last Harvest Saffron

For 55 servings per gram

Net weight
Tax included

  • Packaged under the seal of differentiated quality Food Crafts
  • Saffron of Excellent Quality
  • Ecological Saffron certified by CAAE , from the last harvest, Superior Cat.
  • Since 2004 Bastion of Slow Food
  • Gastronomic Properties: Flavor, Color and Aroma
  • Gold Star for Professional Excellence
  • Quality Award "Superior Taste Award" qualification Outstanding
  • Yield per gram: 55 individual servings
  • Uses of Saffron : It is a very versatile flavor enhancer, it is used for all kinds of stews whether they are meat or fish , rice or desserts .

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