Organic saffron in metal spice rack

Organic Teruel Saffron in Tin

Azafranes Jiloca

Ecological Saffron Metal Spice Rack

Free shipping to the Spanish Peninsula and reduced shipping to the rest of Spain and Europe

Organic Last Harvest Saffron

For 55 servings per gram

Net weight
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  • Special shipping for 5/8 / 10gr.
  • Saffron of Excellent Quality
  • Packaged under the seal of differentiated quality Food Crafts
  • Since 2004 Bastion of Slow Food
  • Ecological Saffron certified by CAAE , from the last harvest, Superior Cat.
  • Quality award "Superior Taste Award" qualification Outstanding
  • Gold Star for Professional Excellence
  • Gastronomic Properties: Flavor, Color and Aroma
  • Uses of Saffron : It is a very versatile flavor enhancer, it is used for all kinds of stews whether they are meat or fish , rice or desserts
  • Yield per gram: 55 individual servings

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