Extra Virgin Oil


The olive wealth of the area of ​​Aragon is demonstrated in its magnificent trees of millenary life. Of the oldest in Spain, already introduced in the Roman domination.


The olive-growing wealth of the Aragón area is demonstrated in its magnificent trees of millenary life. One of the oldest in Spain, already introduced in the by the Roman domination, it was a success for the definitive implantation of this tree the encouragement with which the councilors of Aragon rewarded its cultivation with Real de Vellón that each city council was obliged to pay for " planzón ”one year after planting, once taken. In this way, they were gradually covered with lush olive groves in the mountains and plains in the area that the soil and the atmospheric agents themselves limited, due to the demands of the trees and the benefit of the grower, those that today produce an average annual harvest of eight million kilograms. At that time, Arab mills with animal traction were used to extract the oil and beam presses moved by arm to dispatch the harvest, until around 1866 the French contributed new manufacturing techniques and the oils were no longer cloudy and acidic.

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The main characteristic of Arbequina oil is that it is a sweet oil, that is, it does not have any bitter aftertaste. Some arbequina oil can sting the throat, simply indicating that it is fresh. In general, Arbequina oil is suitable for those looking for an extra virgin olive oil with a mild flavor.

Another characteristic of Arbequina oil is that it is usually quite aromatic, giving fruity aromas of banana and apple. Ripe Arbequina oils are often reminiscent of the fruit porridges of young children. This aroma is due to the high percentage of polyunsaturated acids that they usually contain.

Arbequina oil, like other olive oils, has a high percentage of oleic acid, which helps to reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase good cholesterol (HDL).

It should also be noted that Arbequina oil has slightly lower polyphenol values ​​than other varieties. Therefore, people who consume olive oil in order to improve their cardiovascular health, should consume other varieties, such as picual or chamomile.

Buying extra virgin olive oil, the real one, is a guarantee of gaining quality of life

You also have the option of buying organic virgin olive oil, even better for those who really have a conscience for achieving a more sustainable world.