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Honey is a product with extraordinary qualities.

Looking back to discover the history of honey, going back to the origin, we realize that it has accompanied the human being from the beginning.

The history of honey goes back to the first settlers of the planet, who soon realized that the syrupy fluid that bees made in their honeycombs thanks to the nectar of flowers, would be an indispensable aid in a wide range of occasions.

Although currently difficult to believe, the Stone Age men and women expressed in their cave paintings the work of collecting honey. A drawing was discovered where a man, with a basket on his back, puts his hand in a honeycomb to extract the honey. Surely many of our ancestors would suffer the effects of the bites of these insects, but that did not prevent them from enjoying such a sweet and energetic product.

Despite these first tests that prove their collection, what is clear is that the history of honey and its origin, is located at the same time that these insects and flowers made their appearance on Earth.

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Studying the history of honey, we see that this has been an inseparable companion of the human being and continues to be in our days. The Egyptians practically paid homage to him, since they thought it came from the tears of the god Ra . They fed their children with it and also used it as a preservative of the meat when they made long trips.

If the Egyptians had honey on a pedestal, the Greeks and the Romans did not lag behind. The first ones considered it a source of wisdom . However, they thought it was one of the foods of the gods of Olympus . But not only that. It was also an infallible method for children to stop crying. For this they took honey with a sponge and placed on the baby's lips .

While, in the Roman Empire this product was part of the diet of the legions . In fact these strong warriors consumed a drink called mulsum made with wine and honey . Something would have this potion since later the Visigoths were also great fans to take it.

The Bible also includes some references . In two of them it is demonstrated that at that time it was a product that was commercialized and even exported to other territories. The prophet Ezekiel points out in his book that the land of Israel exchanged with the city of Tire (in present-day Lebanon) products such as wheat, oil, resin and, of course, honey. Another reference is produced in the book of Genesis, where the sons of Jacob transport honey, pistachios and almonds to Egypt.