Gourmet saffron
Gourmet saffron 5gr
Gourmet saffron 5gr
Gourmet saffron

Gourmet saffron 5gr

Azafranes Jiloca

Cristal Gourmet Jar Superior Saffron 5gr

Last Harvest Saffron

For 50 individual servings per gram

Tax included

  • Performance x 1gr: 50 individual portions
  • Food Handicrafts from Aragón
  • Healthy properties: Digestive, vision, etc.
  • Baluarte of Slow Food
  • Saffron of last harvest, Cat. Superior
  • Uses: Can be used in all kinds of stews, soups, rice dishes , sauces, desserts, etc.
  • Gold Star to Professional Excellence
  • Great Quality Saffron
  • Award International to Superior Quality Taste Award, Outstanding Qualification
  • Presented in glass canister
  • Gastronomic Properties: Color, Taste and Aroma

superior saffron pot

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