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You can not talk about marmalade without special mention of one of the older methods that are known today to preserve food than in the case of fruits consisted of mixing them with honey . This process was developed by the Romans through which they managed to make a substance similar to jam, basically it was to add an equivalent weight in honey to the fruit and cook it until the desired consistency was obtained.

Subsequently the Arabs introduced the use of sugar in Europe . Like the Romans, they added the same weight to the fruit in sugar and then carried out the cooking until the density was adequate. Such was the success of this food that the jams are already mentioned in cookbooks in ancient Rome .

There are marmalades of practically all types of fruits: raspberries, cherry, orange, berries, plums, figs, strawberries and endless fruits more . Although fruit is the basic component, some jams can also be made with vegetables, such as tomatoes and carrots, or wine.

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The jam made of fruit, in which the pulp is cooked with sugar or honey.

Its simplest preparation is made with chopped and crushed fruits, to then add an equal or greater weight of sugar. Before cooking, the fruit stays 12 hours in maceration with the sugar so that they release their juices .

After cooking, in which, in addition to sugar, acids and pectins can be added, the fruit is reduced to a kind of puree , which in some cases may contain small visible pieces of fruit. The cooking ends when the fruit becomes crystalline and the syrup achieved acquires a dense consistency. The cooking time will vary according to the type of fruit, but the average is about 45 minutes.

Must present a bright color, fresh smell and taste . It must have curdled properly. For this it is advisable to take a series of precautions, such as using healthy fruits and at the ideal point of maturity, clean well of pips, bones, etc. The cooking should be done in the most appropriate containers, the best are the iron pots with a thick bottom, on which a very soft heat source should be applied homogeneously. It is essential to constantly stir the mixture with a long-handled wooden spoon, to prevent it from sticking to the bottom, and to keep the pot uncovered during cooking. As important as processing is an adequate packaging process and the preservation of the product in dry, cool and dark places .