Christmas Lot 2

Christmas Lot 2

Lot made up of a large selection of our products, perfect as a gift or for companies that wish to offer their employees a special Christmas gift.

The presentation is made in a batch box with Christmas motifs

The description of the products that the batch contains can be seen below, in the product description

Tax included

1- Crunchy nougat 150g 1- Chocolate and Coconut Nougat 225g
1- Olive Oil DO Aragón 25cl 1- Bestue Wine 75cl
1- Albarracín Cheese Wedge 350g 1- Chocolate Blueberries 125g
1- Longaniza from Aragon 300g 1- Saffron from Jiloca 0.5g
1- Pork Fuet 150g 1- Vegetable Pate 115g
1- Saffron Liqueur 20cl 1- Cava Reyes de Aragón Reserve
1- Artisan Pasta Red wine 300g 1- Salted caramel truffles 100gr
1- Wine Teis Bajo Aragón 75cl 1- Longaniza with Truffle 250g
1- Sweet Chorizo from Teruel 300g 1- Black Olives 500g
1- Campaign Pork Pate 200g

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