Made with saffron

Gourmet products made with saffron of the best quality, food innovation at your fingertips

Saffron is a very versatile spice that can be used with the majority of processed food providing them with a unique and special character, currently, the company Azafranes Jiloca, under the brand name "Mont Regal" is elaborating in collaboration with expert artisans innovative gourmet products that They are perfect for a special moment or to make a gift that is sure to be much appreciated.

The cultivation of saffron is the origin of a wonderful spice that gives much more than being able to make a paella.

The variety is extraordinary and the buquet of the products surprising.

The liquor with saffron has digestive properties and is very different from the usual, low grade and with intense flavor, the liquor with saffron and gold is perfect to treat yourself to gourmet or make a surprising gift.

The chocolate with saffron is made with a cocoa of first quality, is very thin and melts in the mouth.

The Fetuccini with saffron is an artisan pasta that once cooked is left with a texture that assimilates freshly made pasta.

The saffron sheep cheese is semi-cured with an intense flavor and creamy texture.

The extra virgin olive oil with saffron comes from the arbequina olive with so much tradition in the Aragonese culture and to fix a salad or prepare a toast is a first class product.

The sausage with saffron is the sausage that all life has been made in the village, homemade and with a flavor of the before, intense and that leaves wanting to take another bite. It is a product made with the craft stamp.