Details made with great taste and detail, ideal for weddings, communions or baptisms. Ideal for any event or as a gift for individuals at any time or season.

Most of the items are configurable, they can be ordered with an organza bag, cellophane wrap or/and a name or dedication card, the options are varied.


When we go to a wedding it is normal for them to thank us for our presence with a small detail, which usually occurs at the end of the meal before serving dessert or at the end. However, sometimes that gift does not make us very funny if it is not something useful, rich or beautiful that is worth taking home and "carrying" until the end of the wedding, especially when we enjoy the event until late in the morning. dawn and we have to move later by bus or transport.

If you are going to celebrate your wedding and you don't want your guests to have that feeling of not knowing what to do or where to leave the ‘little detail’ and that they are surprised by it, we give you some original ideas to give to those attending your wedding.

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  • Something sweet

Do you want to delight your guests with a sweet detail? There are many ways to give chocolate to your family and friends in an elegant, fun and original way. Surprise them with a gourmet gift different from the typical traditional sweets.


  • Give gastronomy

If what you want is for your guests to put their gifts to practical use, with Gourmet Gifts you will reach your goal 100%. You can choose between giving gastronomic products such as pates, jams, honey, extra virgin olive oil, saffron.


  • The quality that is not lacking

Some couples do not like to give something if it is not of quality, their guests deserve it. If you are one of them, a perfect option is a bottle of wine that offers a wide selection of the best wines with different denominations of origin of Aragon. The best gift for your most exquisite guests!

  • Gastronomic details

Gastronomy and love have always made a very good combination and if not think about your first date, your romantic getaways, your anniversaries or your day to day. We always celebrate love by giving our palate a culinary experience, AragonGourmet offers you a most surprising and original gift for all your guests: Saffron from Jiloca with an Ecological Seal, traditionally cultivated and with much love. A detail that will captivate you for its intense aroma, for its authentic flavor with a slight bitter but exquisite touch at the same time, and for its radiant and unmistakable reddish color that makes it unique.


They are different ways of having a detail with your guests so that not even your friends and family forget that great day you spent together. Which one do you lean on?

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