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    In this section you can find original details for any type of event that you are going to celebrate, be it a wedding, communion, baptism or any other celebration where you want to give other people pleasantly surprised.  To obtain the "special events" price you only have to include the amount of 24 units and the special price for this batch of articles will be applied directly, the minimum is 24 as of this amount the special price will be maintained.  Currently, the trend is to give items that give a greater value than the decorative, the gastronomic value is one of the most appreciated because it is to have a detail so that the guest can take pleasure in another moment.  From AragonGourmet we offer gourmet products that fit for women and for men, and that behind each article there is a value of work and quality that is transferred in detail.

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  • Gifts for wedding guests original christening details from 24 units special price events quality saffron in box and organza bag  communions gift six colors available to choose from: white, red, gold, light violet, silver and dark violet, indicate the chosen color when ordering     Unit Price

    0,00 €
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  • Available in three formats, octagonal, cube or vessel to choose between six colors of bag, red, white, gold, silver, light violet and dark violet. Indicate in the order the desired color or colors Glass bottles with cork stopper, perfect to fill with what you want, Ex: sweets, nuts, sand from a sentimental place, etc. Boat measures: 4,2 x 4,2 x 5,5ctm Minimum order quantity 10 units, form 24 units special price Gifts for weddings, communions or baptisms Details for guests at special events Minimum order quantity 12 units, from 24 units special price     Unit Price

    0,95 €
  • Glass bottles with a cork stopper to fill with whatever you want, can be sweets, nuts, or any other product or material yo want Two sizes (Medium and Large), and 6 colours to choose from: red, white, gold, silver, light violet and dark violet. Indicate in the order the color you wish to receive Measurements: Medium (5,5 x 5,5 x 7ctm) and large (5,5 x 5,5 x 9,7ctm) Original wedding gifts Gift communions an baptisms Special details for guests Minimun order quantity 12 units, for 24 units special price     Unit Price

    1,43 €
  • INCENSE SAFFRON 20 sticks of 1gr. Qualities: Afrodisíaco, love, health. The azafrán is considered one of the purifiers more powerful and is used in many celebrations and ceremonies.     Unit Price

    1,95 €
  • CINNAMON AND APPLE INCENSE 20 bars of 1gr. Qualities: Help clarify ideas, it is good for meditation. Aphrodisiac. Physical and mental health, generates well-being and relief from any physical pain. Unit Price

    1,95 €
  • INCENSE TANGERINE AND HONEY 20 sticks of 1gr. Qualities: Attracts love, and facilitates the understanding of the couple, stimulates the sensitivity, sweetens situations and attracts peace.     Unit Price

    1,95 €
  • Select Saffron first quality in methacrylate case and organza bag From 24 units special price for events Details for wedding gifts, for original weddings Communions gift Original christening details Gifts for guests of events an presentations Several colors to choose from, indicate in the order the color chosen between dark violet, silver, light violet, white, gold an red, they can also be varied in the colors you prefer     Unit Price

    2,25 €
  • Case 0.0018oz of saffron and organza bag Available several colors, dark violet, silver, light violet, white, gold an red, can also be several colors if preferred, indicate the color when ordering Gifts for guests Gifts for weddings Gift communions and detail christening From 24 units special price for events     Unit Price

    3,10 €
  • From 24 units special price Teruel saffron in a box with 0.018oz and organza sachet Available in six colors to choose or combine, red, white, silver, gold, light violet and dark violet. Indicate the chosen color in the order Gifts for wedding guests Communions gift Original christening details     Unit Price

    3,15 €
  • From 24 units special price Details original baptisms Communions gifts Wedding gifts Quality saffron for original events Several colors to choose between silver, gold, white, red, light violet and dark violet. Indicate the chosen color in the order Gifts for guest     Unit price

    3,85 €
  • Two types of chocolate to choose from, black and white milk, both with saffron that gives a differentiated and singular touch Various colors of bag to choose form gold, silver, red, white, light violet and dark violet gift communions and christening wedding gifts details for guests of any type of event From 24 units special price for events     Unit Price

    4,20 €
  • Saffron select first quality, glass jar 0.035oz Gifts for weddings Communion gifts for guests From 24 units special price events Available in various colors, to choose between white, red, light violet, dark violet, gold, and silver, they can also be varied colors, indicate in the order what color or colors you want to receive Details christening Gifts for all kinds of events     Unit Price

    5,40 €
Showing 1 - 12 of 18 items


When we go to a wedding it is normal to thank us for our presence with a small detail , which usually occurs at the end of the meal before serving the dessert or when finishing. However, sometimes that gift does not make us very funny if it is not something useful, rich or beautiful that is worth taking us home and "load" until the end of the wedding, especially when we enjoy of the event until the wee hours of the morning and we have to move later by bus or transport.

If you are going to celebrate your wedding and do not want your guests to have that feeling of not knowing what to do or where to leave the 'little detail' and be surprised with it, we give you some original ideas to give to those attending your wedding.

Something sweet

Do you want to delight your guests with a touch of the sweetest? There are many ways to give chocolate to your family and friends in a elegant, fun and original way . Surprise them with a gourmet gift different from traditional sweets.

Offer gastronomy

If what you want is for your guests to make practical use of their gifts, with Gourmet Gifts you will reach your goal 100%. You can choose between giving gastronomic products such as pâtés, jams, honey, extra virgin olive oil, saffron.

Quality that is not lacking

Some couples do not like to give something away if it is not quality, your guests deserve it. If you are one of them, a perfect option is a bottle of wine that offers a wide selection of the best wines with different designations of origin of Aragon. The best gift for your most exquisite guests!

Gastronomic details

Gastronomy and love have always made a good combination and if not, think about your first date, your romantic getaways, your anniversaries or your day to day. We always celebrate love by regulating a culinary experience to our palate, AragonGourmet offers you a most surprising and original gift for all your guests: Saffron from Jiloca with Organic Seal , traditionally grown and with a lot of love. A detail that will captivate you for its intense aroma, for its authentic flavor with a slight bitter but exquisite touch in turn, and for its radiant and unmistakable reddish color that makes it unique.

There are different ways to have a detail with your guests so that your friends and family will not forget that great day you spent together. Why do you lean?