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Explore our online store and indulge in our typical pastries and sweets from Aragon. We highlight the Aragonese fruits and the exceptional quality of our products. Each bite is a unique experience that reflects the tradition and authentic flavor of the region. From crispy puff pastries to tasty sweets, each product is carefully crafted to offer you the best of Aragonese pastry. Discover the delicacy of our delights and bring a piece of Aragon to your home.

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Aragon is a land where there is a rich gastronomy, and of course sweets and desserts are framed in an outstanding position

The most typical are the following:

Frutas de Aragón is the name of a sweet made from candied fruits, that is, macerated and cooked in a strong concentration of sugary syrup (and sometimes in a liqueur) to preserve them, which are then coated with chocolate. Its appearance is similar to that of a chocolate. The most characteristic fruits are usually apple, pear, watermelon, apricot, cherry, fig, plum or orange. The operation has been carried out since ancient times in the Calatayud region, the operation of bathing them completely in chocolate

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Cobblestones come in many sizes and flavors, but their main characteristic is that they are hard like concrete. Its name leaves no room for doubt, it is a candy brick. That is why there are those who say that they are made of the same material as the heads of the hands. What is clear is that they are delicious. If you dare to taste this delicacy, what flavors can you find? Orange, strawberry, lemon and anise. They are the originals, there are more, but these four are the traditional ones. Its beautiful packaging also tends to attract a lot of attention. The ends are reminiscent of the cachirulo, the typical handkerchief of the Fiestas del Pilar, although with the colors that indicate the flavor of the candy inside. In the center of the paper we find an image of the Virgen del Pilar also dressed to match the color of the ends. But what I like the most is that, once you open it, inside you find the letter of Aragonese jotas. They usually have a comic letter and they are usually part of the jotas de picadillo.


Piedras de Rio, these hard candies are the most classic that exists since even our parents remember them. They seem to be river stones but in reality they are a "little" sweeter and chewy


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