Saffron bulbs

Saffron bulbs crocus sativus from ecologically grown field, differents calibers selected by hand 

The saffron bulbs is a season products for this reason we open a reservation period in January."You can do the shopping but only the product will be sent from June. The conditions will be to end of season  or while supplies last .From october to april it can't be acquire possible bulbs due to it is necessary  who are cultivated for his development.


The Saffron Bulb is a seasonal product, so we open a RESERVATION PERIOD in January "The purchase can be made but it will be sent from June. END OF THE SEASON in mid-September, from October to April it will not be possible send bulbs as they need to be cultivated for their development.


The bulbs have different connotations when naming them: Saffron bulbs, Saffron onion, Saffron seeds, Crocus sativus in Latin


If you want to buy saffron bulbs to produce your own saffron or add a touch of color to your garden, in this section we offer you native bulbs from the Comarca del Jiloca "Teruel".


The time to acquire healthy bulbs is between June and September, at the latest they should be planted in September since October - November is the flowering season. In the package of bulbs we include an explanation of the characteristics of this type of crop so that they take into account what to do since it is a very particular type of plant, although it is quite simple to grow.


The bulbs are supplied by Azafranes Jiloca, a company that produces them in Monreal del Campo "Teruel" under the ecological certification, free of any chemical that could reduce the flowering capacity of the bulb. hand to avoid blows and to be able to make a perfect selection to guarantee the quality of the bulbs that we sell on the web.

Saffron box bulbs description
Saffron bulbs field description


Buy Crocus sativus saffron bulbs from organic farming fields, different calibers selected by hand, instead of buying organic saffron you can buy saffron seeds to produce it yourself, buying bulbs can be the first step to find your new passion, the cultivation ecological.

Saffron cultivation has always existed in our family, even before the company Azafranes Jiloca existed, and a few years ago we made headlines at the national level for being able to cultivate the largest bulbs obtained in the last forty years, you can read the news in the following link:

A pride for our family that we have always opted for the traditional method, nothing transgenic or inventing anything new, only giving very special care to the field, cleaning weeds continuously and by hand, not stepping on the furrows where there is saffron cultivation and being very careful when extracting the bulb; That is the way to achieve successful results and we will continue to do so.

Nowadays it is curious that quantities of bulbs are offered from countries that do not have saffron production, it is necessary to be very careful that they do not send other types of bulbs, this practice is usually seen in countries like Holland for example, once it is receives the package, if they do not know each other well, they are planted and the result is seen at the same time with the corresponding disappointment and without the possibility of a payment or change.

You also have to be very careful with the bulb that is extracted with vibrating machines since it is beaten and a large part of that onion will spoil, even after planting it, the jiloca crocus bulb is removed and cleaned by hand to ensure the better quality of saffron seed.

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