Saffron Bulbs Caliber "B"

Saffron Bulbs Size "B" 3kg. (500u. approx)

Saffron Bulbs Size "B" 3kg. (500u. approx)

Reservations from January to May, it begins to be sent from June to September or they run out of stock.

Gauge B is less than 2.25ctm in diameter at the base of the bulb

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  • The bulbs are sent from June , seasonal product
  • Indigenous bulbs from the Jiloca region
  • Bulbs of saffron organic Crocus Sativus
  • They are not grilled, they are selected and they are all healthy
  • Saffron cultivation traditional in Monreal del Campo
  • Diameter up to 2.25ctm
  • Planted between June and September
  • Produced in fields certified by the CAAE
  • Fields located in Monreal del Campo - Teruel
  • Removal and cleaning by hand , ready to be planted

        Jiloca saffron bulbs

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