Low salt ham

Cured Ham D.O. Teruel 7,5kg - 8kg

Cured Ham D.O. Teruel (Spain)

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  • Weight 7,5 - 8,00kg
  • External shape : Elongated, profiled and rounded at its edges until the appearance of the muscle, preserving the leg. It can be presented with the entire crust or outlined in a V-cut whose vertex will be aligned with the axis of the ham leg or shoulder. It can be covered with typical molds or clean and with application of oil or butter.
  • Weight : Equal to or greater than 7 Kg in Teruel hams and 4.5 in Teruel shoulders, upon reaching the minimum production time set.
  • Exterior appearance : With an 8-pointed star marked by fire and the vitola numbered.
  • Color : Red and shiny when cut, with fat partially infiltrated into the muscle mass.
  • Flavor : Delicate and slightly salty flavor.
  • Texture : No data.
  • Fat : Creamy, shiny consistency, yellowish-white, aromatic and pleasant flavor.

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