Aged Cured Ham
Aged Cured Ham
Aged Cured Ham

Aged Cured Ham

Jamón DO Teruel con Jamonero

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Weight 6.00 - 6.50kg

Cured Serrano ham is one of the products, or we could even say that it is the best known and most appreciated product of Spanish gastronomy.

Serrano ham is made from the hind legs of the pig, unlike the Serrano shoulder, which is made from the front legs. In both cases the process consists of 6 steps:

Bleeding: The ham bleeds, so that no blood remains inside, as it would rot during the drying process and spoil the piece.

Salting: The hams are covered in salt and they stay that way for several days. Approximately as many days as kilograms the ham weighs.

Washing: The hams are washed to remove excess salt from the outside.

Post-salting or settlement: The hams are kept at a controlled temperature and humidity so that the salt is introduced into the interior of the ham and the liquid comes out.

Drying or curing: The ham is left to dry, naturally, with the cold and dry air of the province of Teruel, coming from the universal mountains. So that a ham is achieved with the optimum point of salt and curing and all this in a natural and artisan way.

Aging: Once the curing process is finished, the hams are hung in cellars and there the biochemical processes that began during the curing process are finished.

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