Yes, that's right, for the purchase of each of our promotional lots we give you an invitation for two people, with this invitation you will enjoy a guided tour and a wine tasting at the excellent Otto Bestué Winery, in the Designation of Origin Somontano.

Of course, we have a limited stock so if you are interested, don't hesitate and in addition to enjoying the visit and the wine tasting, you can have at home some of their high-quality wines and products that we have chosen for you.

A guided tour with wine tasting at Bodegas Bestué, located in the heart of the Somontano Wines Denomination of Origin, is an unforgettable experience that immerses visitors in the world of wine from an intimate and detailed perspective. This experience is designed for both wine enthusiasts and connoisseurs, offering a complete tour of the facilities where tradition and technology merge, culminating in a wine tasting that highlights the best of the winery.

Start of the Visit

The adventure begins at the meeting point specified by Bodegas Bestué, where visitors are welcomed by a specialized guide. This initial moment serves to introduce attendees to the history of the winery, the family behind the brand, and the importance of the Vinos del Somontano Denomination of Origin in the Spanish wine scene.

otto bestue winery in aragon gourmet
post bestue wine barrels

Tour of the Vineyards

Depending on the season and climate, the visit can begin with a walk through the vineyards that surround the winery. Here, visitors learn about the grape varieties grown, the viticulture techniques employed, and how the microclimate and specific terroir of the region influence the character of Bestué wines.

Winery Exploration

The tour continues to the production facilities, where the secrets behind winemaking are revealed. The grape reception, fermentation, and aging areas are visited, explaining in detail each step of the process, from harvesting to bottling. Visitors have the opportunity to see up close the oak barrels where the wines acquire complexity and finesse, as well as the modern facilities that allow each phase of production to be meticulously controlled.

The Wine Tasting

The highlight of the visit is the wine tasting, where different representative labels of Bodegas Bestué are tasted. In a specially equipped room, the guide explains how to taste a wine correctly, teaching you to identify the visual, aromatic, and gustatory characteristics of each sample. This is an interactive moment, in which participants can share impressions, ask questions, and learn to appreciate the subtleties that make Somontano wines unique.

Space for Questions and Purchases

At the end of the tasting, time is offered for visitors to ask additional questions, exchange opinions with the guide and other participants, or even purchase some of the wines tasted or other products from the winery. This moment allows you to take away not only sensory memories, but also a tangible piece of the Bestué experience.

post bestue wine glasses

In short, a guided tour with wine tasting at Bodegas Bestué is more than a simple sightseeing tour; is an educational and sensory immersion in the art and science of winemaking. Visitors take away not only knowledge about the winemaking and tasting process, but also a deeper appreciation for the passion and effort put into each bottle produced in Somontano.


It is necessary to book in advance, since places are limited to guarantee a personalized experience. The invitation we will send you contains all the information to be able to specify the day to make the visit with the Winery itself.

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