Chocolates and Bonbons


White, black and with milk. This is how we have traditionally known one of the most appetizing foods. Addictive even for some. Chocolate began as a drink that the Mayans and Aztecs recognized as a gift from their gods, a currency and a delicatessen reserved for their elites.


White, black and with milk. Así it is as we have traditionally known one of the food más tempting. Addictive even for a few. The chocolate started’, being a drink that the mayans and aztecs reconoc’an as a gift from their gods, currency exchange and deli reserved to their élites.

Crist’bal Col’n was the first european to try it, but it was Hernán Cortés who brought’ to the old continent, the fruit of the cocoa, then, be prepared like a strong drink. The aztecs tostaban and molían the seeds, mixed them with water and spices (chilli, cinnamon, pepper or vanilla) and engull’an that líliquid bitter.

In Europe's monks were some of the first masters chocolatiers and, with the to&years and its progressive introduction’re in the different países, those bitter drink evolution’ into what today we recognize as chocolate: tablets más or less sweets that melt in the mouth.

chocolate, &are you;good or bad for health?

As with all foods, in their as the chocolate is a very interesting product. Their flavonoids give chocolate and cocoa antioxidant properties and facilitate the flow of the blood. And the presence of polyphenols alsoén has effects healthy for your heart.

chopped chocolate description
chocolate samples description

Is considered as dark chocolate to the cocoa paste that is mixed only with az&number;car (and, perhaps, with other flavourings and ingredients). Higher the amount of cocoa, más healthy (Sánchez remember that there are chocolates, blacks with less than 50% cocoa, so the rest is az&number;car).

A higher amount of cocoa, más healthy is the chocolate

 milk chocolate, as its name indicates, está formed by cocoa paste, cocoa butter, az&number;car (or similar) and milk. As the dark chocolate, there are chocolate milk with different proportions of cocoa/az&menu;car/cocoa butter.

And white chocolate… it is not really chocolate, because it does not cocoa paste, the ingredient (básico to be able to call something like ‘chocolate’. It is a combination’n of cocoa butter, az&number;car and materials on s’lidas milk and is the más sweet and rich in fat of the three types of chocolate, but for certain combinations is surprisingly pleasant.