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ECO product

Organic food from Aragon, sustainable and respectful with the environment, of high quality and to give health. 

Organic products are healthier since they are free of persistent toxic residues from pesticides, antibiotics, synthetic fertilizers, additives and preservatives, many of them used in conventional agriculture to eliminate insects or pests and fight diseases, and that in the medium or long term can damage our body. By not containing artificial substances, foods from organic farming are properly assimilated by the body without altering metabolic functions. According to nutritionists, a large part of degenerative diseases have their origin in diet.

Another characteristic of organic farming is that, by growing food in soils balanced by natural fertilizers, the products are more nutritious since they contain higher levels of vitamins - especially C - essential minerals - calcium, magnesium, iron, chromium … -, antioxidants –which help prevent certain diseases such as cancer–, carbohydrates and proteins.

Organic food comes from organic farming, which uses a production system of maximum reliability as it is subject to traceability from the field to the table through European Regulation 2092/91.

All agents involved in the agri-food chain are subject to the control and inspection of the raw materials used, the manufacturing process, packaging, labeling, etc. through accredited control and certification companies.  

Ecological products, being made in a more traditional and careful way, recover the original tastes and have a better flavor. 

Because the plants are only regenerated and fertilized organically, they grow healthier and develop better, preserving the authentic aroma, color and flavor.

For this reason, many consumers prefer organic foods, since they preserve the true taste of each ingredient and allow them to recover the traditional flavor of the food.

In addition, organic foods are better preserved than conventional ones.

In short, organic products taste better and are tastier than conventional foods; you just have to try and compare them.