Saffron select

Saffron selected from traditional cultivation, made by artisan

The saffron is the saffron that does not correspond to the last year's harvest, the saffron has a very long shelf life maintaining a very high quality, its organoleptic parameters decrease with respect to the new saffron but has the advantage that it offers a quality more than acceptable at a more affordable price.

The selected saffron is cultivated in a traditional way, as well as the work done to obtain the stigmas of each flower, they are made manually so that the threads have a good quality, it is packed under the seal of Artesanía Alimentaria de Aragón and within the ISO international standard. The yield of this type of saffron is 30 individual servings per gram of spice.

You can buy saffron in different formats, whether in glass jars, methacrylate boxes or metallic tin, in all formats it will keep very well in time, it is advisable to keep away from sunlight and humidity