Saffron Selection Box

Saffron Selection Box

Azafranes Jiloca

Small Box Saffron Select

formats 0,50gr / 1gr

Peso neto
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  • Formats 0,50gr / 1gr.
  • In 2004 saffron from Azafranes Jiloca was named Baluarte of Slow food
  • Saffron from Teruel Category I, ISO 3632
  • Packed with the seal of differentiated quality Artesanía Alimentaria de Aragón
  • Fortifies the heart and has digestive properties among others
  • Gold Star to professional excellence
  • Saffron from Jiloca harvested from harvests of previous years
  • Serves for all types of stews, soups, rices, sauces, desserts, etc.
  • Presented in Cardboard box with window
  • Performance x 1gr: 30 individual servings
  • Gastronomic properties: flavor, color and aroma
  • Saffron has very beneficial properties for health

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