Gourmet products

Gourmet is a gastronomic concept associated with haute cuisine and the culture of good eating . The word, as such, is a French voice derived from gourmand , which means ' love for good eating ', which, in turn, comes from goût , 'taste', 'flavor'.

Formerly, gourmet specifically referred to a gourmet , that is, a person with a high level of knowledge in culinary art, with a delicate taste and an exquisite palate, educated in the more refined gastronomy, and with a unique ability to taste and distinguish flavors, textures, finesse and quality in food and beverages.

Today, however, gourmet is a term that has been extended to refer generically to the most exquisite, highest quality and sophistication , gastronomy, as well as that person who is fond of the pleasures of the table.

Likewise, currently the concept of the gourmet also refers to a lifestyle , mainly associated with the taste for more sophisticated cuisine, but also includes artistic interests and high profile cultural.

The gourmet is basically a culinary concept. In this sense, to qualify a dish as gourmet should be considered aspects such as the ingredients used (always of the highest quality and freshness), the way they are combined and harmonized on the palate, their preparation (taking care of its organoleptic qualities) and an elegant presentation, decorated, aromatic and colorful.

Gourmet dishes are also characterized by the rarity and quality of products such as, for example, one of the dishes considered gourmet are those that contain Sicilian Oregano or Saffron from Jiloca.

Products gourmet

Gourmet products are usually high quality foods or beverages, produced under high production standards, with exotic ingredients or artisanal preparation, and considered in the market as premium products.

Food gourmet today comprises a vast variety that ranges from cold meats, hams, cheeses, meat, seafood, sauces, jams, seeds, grains and chocolates Among the drinks , the gourmet concept has been popularized in coffees, wines and liquors.

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