Serrano ham


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In the month of September, the city of Teruel is preparing to celebrate the feast of one of their products más típeaks: the jam’n. Organised by the Regulatory Council of his Denominaci’re Protected Origin, the first to be cre’ in Espa&bath;and the third in the world to ensure the quality of the jam’n serrano. This food is obtained from the salacious’n and the air-drying of the legs of the pig. And the characterífeatures climáticas do in the territory of teruel, an ideal place for that curaci’re a natural, trying to develop all the flavours and aromas of the meat. Since February 2014, the european regulation features alsoén specíspecifically to the palette of teruel as a protected product of the same denominaci’re.

The band of quality ensures that the hams come from pigs of selected species, born, bred, slaughtered and cured in Teruel province, and that throughout the process of development’n have complied a exhaustive list of requirements.

We identify, for a start, the breeds of the animals. Coming from crossing of Duroc in the línea paternal and Landrace or Large White in the línea breast. The lures are identified by an indelible mark in the ear, in the figure, the c’I say of the explotaci’n from which it came. Allí is fed mainly with cereals grown in the province.

sliced ham description
ham on table description

The sacrifice is done in slaughterhouses registered in the area of production’re. But before you die you must make sure that the animals have not been medicated during the 15 días above. Must have at least 8 months of age, with a weight mínimo between 115 and 130 kilos. The males must be castrated prior to their entry to the cebadero and females should not be in heat to be sacrificed. Once in the slaughterhouse, the pigs remain allí a míminimum of 12 hours. During this time they should not be fed and given &number;only sweetened water. This ensures the level id’neo of az&menu;cares in the m&number;muscles and helps to eliminate the consequences of the depletion of the transport.

once despiezado the animal, the next phase is the phase of salacious’n and washing. First add the salts to the muscle mass to promote the deshidrataci’re. Then wash the piece to remove the adhered salt. Then begins a período of settlement in cámaras of frío mínimo de 60 días for the hams and 30 to the vanes. Allí is located at a temperature of 3 to 6 degrees, with a relative humidity equal to or greater than 70%. The salt diffuses into the interior of the piece, remove stainsámoving the water slowly.

más outstanding of the characterífeatures a jam’n or palette Denominaci’n of Origin of Teruel passes through the following step: the curaci’n and maduraci’n of the piece. In this phase is to produce the reactions bioquímicas that give the flavor and aroma character’forecast. In a período with a length’n mínima of 14 months for hams, and 9 for the blades, they are exposed to a character’features climáticas excellent for the aging of the product, characteristic of the dry climate and fríor of the province. Configures the main differentiator of the hams turolenses. In the natural dries it combines the tradition’n craftsmanship with the méall control and development’n más modern. The requirements of the Denominaci’n of Origin the sit&number;an at least 800 metres above sea level.