Pasta and Flours


Explore our category of food pastas made with durum wheat semolina. From classic fetuccini and tagliatelle to the varied shapes of paccheri, lumaconi, and cassarecce, our options cater to all tastes. Enjoy the authenticity of high-quality Italian pasta, crafted with select ingredients. Each shape offers a unique texture that enhances your dishes. Elevate your meals with our variety of pastas, a gourmet delight for your culinary creations.


Pasta is a food that we identify as typical of Italian cuisine and it is so, but in Aragon we have high-quality pasta that has nothing to envy of those made in Italy.


Pasta is a set of foods prepared with a dough whose basic ingredient is flour, mixed with water, and to which salt, egg or other ingredients can be added, forming a product that is generally cooked in boiling water.


Other ingredients can also be added optionally:

Egg: gives consistency and makes pasta a more nutritious food.

Vegetables or vegetables: they provide vitamins and minerals, as well as color.

Protein supplements: soy, milk, etc. They are the so-called fortified pasta.

Vitamin and mineral supplements: These are the so-called enriched pasta.


The pasta provides an average of 370 kcal (1546.6 kJ) per 100 g. The main contribution to nutrition is carbohydrate, 13% protein and 1.5% fat and minerals. If the pasta contains egg, it has more protein. If nothing is added, the pasta is raw (slightly yellowish). The colored pastes also provide some B group vitamins, since vegetables such as spinach (green), tomato (red-orange), carrot (light orange), etc. are used in their preparation.

The nutritional and caloric intake depends, in turn, on the sauce that accompanies the pasta. In the Mediterranean area of ​​Europe, the use of olive oil, tomato, pepper, fish and sea salt is preferred for its preparation.

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Long pasta:

Spaghetti: elongated and with a circular section.

Noodles: similar to spaghetti but with a rectangular or flat section. Its measurements range from 7 mm to 8 mm wide;

Pappardelle: is a flat band up to 2.5 cm wide

Fettuccine: elongated and flat, 6mm wide

linguine: similar to fettuccini, but 3mm wide

capellini: elongated angel hair with a circular section, but very thin.

ziti: thick spaghetti hollowed out in the center


Short pasta:

macaroni: shaped like a narrow tube, slightly curved or straight

rigatoni: tubular pasta with parallel striations, slightly curved, 3.5 cm long

tortiglioni: tubular pasta with slightly curled grooves, straight

penne: shaped like a short tube, grooved on the outside and cut on the bias

fusilli: helix, bow tie or Archimedean screw

rotini: similar to fusilli but shorter

farfalle: butterfly-shaped and serrated edges