What to give at a wedding to the guests

What to give at a wedding

At one time or another each person has something special to celebrate with their family, friends or clients, every celebration has many components that must be chosen with intention according to what they want to address, the music, the menu, the clothing , the photocall, etc. Everything counts so that the day of the celebration is unforgettable, but we want to pay special attention to the details that are given to the guests , because beyond being a simple detail is why in the following days they will relate the Celebration with your memory of it.

When an event is celebrated, be it a wedding, a baptism, a communion, or any type of business event, the number of guests is usually quite high and hit with a detail / gift that please and please everyone can become a high-risk job .

After the time of the porcelain figurines, the new times incite the practical, details that the guest can use and enjoy, I can tell you that I no longer know how many bottle caps and heart-shaped openers I have exposure on the furniture in my hallway, not to mention the boxes with tampons for the ladies, by God, what kind of memory and at what moment we want to be reminded, I must also say that in some celebrations they have given us gifts for which we have taken 5 minutes to go to save them to the car lest they get lost with the commotion of the tables, this kind of gifts is the one to look for, it is a sign that they have liked and are appreciated by the guests .

Among the many possibilities that exist in the market, nowadays, it is proven that the most appreciated gifts are the gastronomic as many things are said with the only delivery of the products, quality, taste, message, origin, love and transmit the guest to enjoy life as eating is one of the greatest pleasures of it.

For the selection of a good detail you have to take into account several points,

1- The style of the event

The style is marked by the personality of the main actors of the event, if it is a wedding the couple, if it is a communion or baptize the family and if it is a business event the type of the company that motivates it, the style should be common in all aspects of the celebration and, of course, in the details to the guests as well. For example, if it is a wedding it can be a detail that makes a nod to the love story of the couple, to hobbies, to the philosophy of life, etc. It may seem complicated but you have to awaken the creative side to get a message, for example if they are a couple of great workers, with deep roots in their land and like the beach you can give a boat of saffron as it symbolizes all these qualities , if you like to enjoy life, like to have a good time with friends with a good marriage you can give a good wine or liquor.

2- Be clear about the budget

The easy thing is to have a luxury detail , but this can shoot the budget out of the way, it is very common to give a quality gastronomic product and give more value with the work of the organizers through "the home", we refer to give a personal touch through a personal decoration that crafts can get, this conveys a personal dedication to the guest that is generally appreciated to a greater degree.

3- Do not make gender distinctions

Today there is a lot of sensitivity in gender issues, to avoid conflicts it is better to offer gifts that everyone likes equally and gastronomic products they are useful and fit perfectly in their taste and of them, it triumphs sure.

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