Black Chocolate with Saffron

Black Chocolate with Saffron

Net Weight 100gr

Ingredients: Sugar, cocoa beans, cocoa butter, natural vanilla, soy lecithin and Saffron from Jiloca

Keep in a cool and dry place

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  • The Chocolate with Saffron Mont Regal is made using totally handmade processes in a workshop with a long tradition in the province of Teruel.
  • The saffron is a spice that marries very well with chocolates since it has a bitter base and is able to enhance the flavor of cocoa substantially.
  • Black Chocolate with Saffron is a precious delicacy made with a premium cocoa to which saffron is added in a balanced way so that a special touch distinguishes it as product gourmet.
  • Reduces the cholester that favors oxidation
  • Increases blood flow in the arteries and heart

Black chocolat with saffron

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