Cheese with Saffron
Fromage de brebis au safran
Cheese with Saffron
Fromage de brebis au safran

Sheep Cheese with Saffron

Net Weight: 400 - 450gr

Ingredients: Raw sheep's milk, saffron from Jiloca, rennet, salt, dairy ferments

Semi-cured raw sheep's milk cheese

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  • Raw materials: 100% SHEEP MILK
  • Ingredients : sheep's milk, dairy ferments, salt and saffron from jiloca
  • Weight 400gr approx.
  • The intensity of flavor increases but the texture remains with the right consistency for this type of maturation, the salty intensity is medium, a slight darkening of the pasta reveals aged in cellar.
  • The Mont Regal Cheese perfectly combines with the saffron from Jiloca that gives a distinguished touch to its similar ones, the saffron brings all the beneficial properties that it has for the health and it also endows with a Great personality to one of the best cheeses in the world.


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