Cured Teruel Cheese

Cured Teruel Cheese

Producer: Quesos Hontanar

Type: Cured Sheep, raw milk

Cure: 180 days

Weight 360gr. approx.

Tax included


How is Teruel cheese made from raw milk?

Cheeses made from raw milk require that the raw material has an excellent quality, in addition to having passed a series of extra controls with respect to pasteurized milk cheeses. This affects both cattle and milk.

The milk is kept refrigerated at 3º C. During the production process, unlike pasteurized milk, a temperature will not be exceeded when heated above 32ºC. This guarantees a very careful final treatment and, consequently, that all the properties that milk has are maintained.

Minimum of two months of curing for a raw milk cheese

A cheese made with raw milk must have a MINIMUM of two months of curing. From that time on, you can enjoy a cheese made with raw milk and the amalgam of characteristic flavors that this type of cheese has.

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