Ways to take saffron


Saffron is one of the most appreciated condiments in the kitchen and current gastronomy and always gives color, flavor and aroma to recipes more varied, it also has powerful medicinal effects and can be consumed in different ways.

It can be commercialized in different formats:

-In Hebra as a seasoning (It is the form that guarantees the pure saffron), every day more tends to consume the ecological saffron

-Molido as seasoning (It has guarantees if it comes from a serious supplier, there are cases in which adulterations have been found with gardenia extract)

-In capsules or tablets indicated for the dep mild restraint (Not recommended because it can reach high degree of toxicity)

-An alcoholic tincture, saffron solution with seawater (Not recommended for its usual adulteration due to the price of saffron pure)

Purchase advice : Ecological saffron in a thread


-In the food: It is the best and most usual way The threads must be undone and added the saffron to the preparation as broken as possible to get the most out of it, in addition to providing the recipe with the gastronomic benefits you also get the medicinal.

-Decocción: Add 0,5gr of saffron in 200ml of water, bring to a boil, remove and let stand a few minutes, serve and drink. Maximum 300ml daily, also serves for gargles and mouthwashes.

-Infusion: In a cup of boiling water add 1mg of saffron (1 strand = 3pistilos or briznes), let stand 7 minutes and take, you can take 3 cups daily.

Alcoholic drink: Saffron dip in alcohol and water, take about 50 drops per day in three doses, with juices for example

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