Double Label Eco Coffee

Double Label Eco Coffee 250gr

Organic or bio coffee

Net: 250gr Ground

Double Label is grown under the Fair Trade criteria. Producers receive most of the benefits, in addition to investing in the development of their communities for sustainable production

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Savor the pure essence of coffee with our organic ground coffee, grown in harmony with nature on selected farms that prioritize biodiversity and sustainability.

This coffee stands out for its authentic and full flavor, where each sip unveils subtle and rich notes, a result of farming that eschews chemicals and pesticides.

Moreover, by choosing our organic coffee, you are not just indulging in an unparalleled flavor experience, but also supporting fair and responsible practices that benefit both the planet and producer communities.

Ideal for coffee lovers seeking quality and environmental consciousness in every cup, our coffee promises to delight your senses and contribute to a greener future.

Place your order now and dive into the rich and respectful world of organic coffee, where flavor meets sustainability.

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